Last Updated: May 2020

This cookie policy applies to all websites, and among the brand pages (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) on third-party platforms and the applications accessed and used from these websites and brand pages, Audition dot com Group companies It applies to any application (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) operated by or on behalf of our group companies.

When you use this website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. If you disagree with this, please disable cookies in your browser settings or do not use this website. Disabling the cookies we use may affect our behavior on this website. Please see the table below for the types of cookies we use on this website and their purpose and expiration date (how long the cookies remain on your computer).

About cookies

Cookies are files and information that are stored on your computer (or Internet-connected devices such as smartphones and tablets) when you access this website. Cookies typically include a number consisting of the name of the website from which the cookie originated, the life of the cookie (the length of time it resides on your device), and a unique, randomly generated number.

About the purpose of using cookies

The purpose of our use of cookies on this website is to make this website easier to use and to bring this website and our products closer to your interests and needs. In addition, using cookies will help you save time when you visit this website next time. In addition, we use cookies to collect anonymous aggregated data to help you understand how you are using this website and to help improve the structure and content of this website. We cannot identify you personally using cookie information.

About the types of cookies we use

This website uses two types of cookies: “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer during your use until you exit this website. Persistent cookies are stored for a much longer period of time, or until you manually delete them (the retention period depends on the life of the cookie and your browser settings).

On the pages you visit, we use pixel tags (also known as transparent GIFs) to collect information that can be shared with third parties who provide direct support for our promotional activities and website development. The page is also included. For example, information about the website usage of visitors to this website may be shared with our advertising agencies in order to improve the banner advertisements on this website. Such information may be related to your personal information, but it is not personally identifiable information.

About cookies used on this website

Cookie typefunctionCollection of personal information and presence / absence of personal identification
NecessaryThis cookie is essential for the normal operation of this website and enables you to use the operation and functions on this website. For example, if the customer returns to the previous page during one connection, the function that records the actions (such as the entered text) performed on that page can be mentioned.This cookie does not personally identify you.Rejecting this cookie may affect the behavior of all or part of the website.
PerformanceThis cookie is used by us to understand the communication status of our customers, such as the pages visited by users of this website, browsing time, and the presence or absence of troubles such as error messages, and to improve the performance of this website. I will.This cookie does not personally identify you. All data is aggregated anonymously.
FunctionalityThis cookie records on this website the choices you make (username, language, region of access, etc.) in order to provide you with an online service that is even closer to you. It also allows users to watch videos, play games, and use social tools such as blogs, chat rooms, and forums.The information collected by this cookie may include personally identifiable information such as your username, profile picture, etc. We are always transparent about what information we collect, how we use it and who we provide it to.Rejecting this cookie may affect its behavior and functionality on this website. In addition, access to the content on this website may be restricted.
Targeting / advertisingThis cookie is used to provide content that is relevant to you and your interests. It is used to serve targeted ads and to limit the number of times a customer sees an ad. It also helps us determine the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns on our and non-our websites. We use this cookie to record websites you have visited and may share that information with third parties such as our sponsors and advertising agencies.Most of these types of cookies track consumers by IP address and may collect personally identifiable information. Please see Section b of “Targeting / Advertising” for details on the information collected by this cookie and how to use the collected information.

About the use of third party cookies

We use a number of suppliers, who set cookies on your computer on your behalf during your visit to this website so that we can provide you with the services we provide. May be done. For more information about such cookies and how to reject such cookies, please see the relevant section below.

When you access this website, you may receive cookies from third party websites and domains. Before such cookies are used, we will endeavor to identify them so that you can decide for yourself whether or not to allow them to be received. For more information on such cookies, please visit the relevant third party website (links are from overseas).

How to manage and delete cookies

Most internet browsers are initially set to receive cookies automatically, but you can change the settings to refuse cookies or to display a warning when cookies are sent. .. There are several ways to manage cookies. For details on adjusting or changing browser settings, refer to the browser usage instructions or help screen.

If you disable the cookies we use, you may not be able to access certain parts of this website, or you may not be able to receive information for individual users even if you access this website. It may affect the operation inside.

When you view or use this website from another device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you need to check whether each browser of that device matches the cookie you have selected.

About detailed contents

Session / temporary cookies: These cookies are deleted from your computer when you leave the website.

Permanent / persistent cookies: These cookies are not deleted when you leave the website and remain on your computer thereafter.

About the execution contents of cookies
Cookies usedExecution contentexpiration dateSummary
Analytics / TrackingWe provide anonymous aggregated data about where you visit and what you do on and other websites.Permanent, in-access, or determined by a third partyUnilever uses the following Analytics cookies, Analytics cookies and web beacons .Unica:
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(third-party cookies):

Learn moreGemius:
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About function
Social Media / sharingIt allows you to share comments, ratings, pages, bookmarks, help, etc., making it more accessible to social networks and social online tools.Third party decidesAdd This:
Click here for detailsFacebook:
Learn more about Facebook Connect, click here for more information on
Facebook social plug-insTwitter:
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for details on Twitter BadgeYouTube:
Click here for detailsLinkedIn:
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Careers PortalThe items selected by the customer during the current access, login details, jobs of interest, etc. will be memorized for the next and subsequent accesses.Third party decidesOracle:
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Cross site trackingIt anonymously provides user information such as which website you visited before and after visiting this website.Permanent, in-access, or determined by a third
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Site Census:

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About other cookies
Rich MediaWe support the execution of various functions on the websites of us and our business partners, such as using online voucher codes and loyalty applications to watch videos and make songs available for download.Permanent, in-access, or determined by a third partyYouTube:
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Beacons DomainsWeb beacons support various features of this website. Web beacons (also known as web bugs, pixel tags, and transparent GIFs) monitor user behavior on the website and provide information such as user behavior and IP address to third parties.Permanent, in-access, or determined by a third partyWe use various beacons on this website. The following are our frequently used web beacons.We collect anonymous data (browser information, OS, page views, etc.) that is used to make Flashtalking and Tango Zebra users have access to more relevant content. This data will be used to measure the rating of popular campaigns and web pages and will be shared with third parties.There is no applicable page in Japan.
Other cookiesWe support various functions on this website.Permanent, in-access, or determined by a third
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